John E. Foreman

John wasn’t always an artist … but he did collect modern and abstract art for many years.  John’s professional career of 38 years involved serving first generation and at-risk students in higher education settings. The setting … very industrial and non-descript … was demanding and stressful, yet … very rewarding.  He never considered artwork as an outlet or an option.


During his college years, he enrolled in three art history courses that seemed to align with his major of Social Science education. He appreciated many art forms and great artists, but modern and contemporary artists like Picasso and Kandinsky had John hooked!  He could stare at their works for hours and hours as his mind wandered.


Quickly after retirement, he picked up a paint brush and began to paint.  John painted his first piece in July 2016.  His style is one of mixed media.  He uses watercolor paint, watercolor pens & pencils, and black ink when creating his artwork.

Friends and family, especially his daughter, have been a huge source of support in this artistic endeavor.  All have favorite pieces and not so favorite, to his surprise no two the same. John always had a great appreciation for art, but stepping into the field and putting himself out there has been a little unsettling at times but still a very rewarding journey.  As he bares himself artistically through these works, it is his great hope that others will view his art and say John has something to share.